This Privacy Notice explains how I collect, store and handle your personal data, along with my commitment to your privacy and confidentiality.

Why I collect your data

As a physiotherapist I want to give you the best possible experience in my clinic. Basic information such as name and telephone number are requested by my reception staff or entered on my website for administrative purposes only. I will collect further data at your first visit, this might be more detailed and sensitive in nature, which is only used for accurate diagnosis and personalised treatment and is kept confidential. Occasionally I will ask if I can use your data in an anonymised way for research purposes.

How I collect your data

This could be on the telephone whilst you make an appointment, or when you speak to us in the clinic, this is recorded in my paper diary. Sometimes the first contact is electronic, and that email is saved for contact purposes. In both instances the information is only used for contact or treatment and not used for marketing purposes. Your medical notes are kept on paper and stored in a locked filing cabinet. In addition, some basic data for financial purposes may be kept on a password protected computer. I treat your data with the utmost care and take appropriate steps to protect it.

When I’ll share your data

I will sometimes share data with third parties as part of your care and will always discuss this in advance. This could be to share information with medical colleagues involved, or to invoice an insurance company. You are welcome to have a copy of any letter I write about you and we can discuss how you wish to receive that.

How long I keep your data

I have a legal and legitimate responsibility to keep specific, explicit medical records which are stored for a predetermined period depending on your age and medical condition. I adhere to all professional rules in this matter as it leads to more effective and seamless treatment. If there are changes in your personal or medical details, please let me know so your record can be amended.

Your rights

You have many rights regarding your personal data under GDPR, including seeing what I hold about you. If you have any questions I am happy to help.